Thursday, December 23, 2010

Muzium Negara

Today was a Trip to the Muzium Negara Day with my niece. To the uninitiated (don't lie, I know many of you don't even have any idea where the entrance to the Muzium is), there has been quite a dramatic change from the last time I set foot there. Back then, the highlight would always be the ''sesi mengambil gambar bersama ular sawa albino''. Now they've improved. Now you can, for a certain fee, take a photo with snakes or exotic parrots. Ahah! Now you have the choice. The power is in your hands.

No, seriously, all the galleries have been remodelled, renovated, refurbished and the contents updated. It is a cool place to visit. And hey it only costs you RM2 for entrance fee if you're an adult. So to all my students who always complain dapat duit loan lambat la what la takleh lepak memana la bla bla bla ha jangan cari alasan just go to the Muzium Negara and soak in the culture and history. For RM2 that's even cheaper than a Ramli burger.

Well anyway that was the experiment. To see if I could go on a budget trip with my niece, not spend so much but still manage to have fun and learn something new. And I thought I did it. Entrance fee: RM2. Budak kecik free (maybe midgets as well, OK sorry that was a tasteless joke please don't come and sue me), after that right outside near the old trains my niece saw the ice-cream parlour. We had some ice-cream and corn in the cup and mineral water. Add another RM6.50. Then we went to One Utama to get this Toy Story 3 VCD replaced. Free. Then we walked a bit and when we were passing by Carl's Jr masa tu la anak saudara aku terus buat announcement yang berbunyi ''I think I'm feeling hungry'' sambil menuding jari ke arah restoran itu.

Masa tu lah bajet lari dan eksperimen tak jadi.

Heheheh just joking. We had a blast. Girl bonding!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A day with the kids from the Rukaiyah Orphanage

Last Saturday a girlfriend and I volunteered to spend some time with kids from the Rukaiyah Orphanage. They were sponsored by some wonderful kind-hearted people on that day to a) visit Petrosains KLCC b) have lunch at the Apartment c) spend RM100 to buy anything they fancy at Parkson. So can you imagine the joy and happiness on that day?

This was us goofing around at the Petrosains. This is the infinity mirror. You look down and it's endless. I felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland. With a double chin, of course.

A group photo is a definite must. The kids were smiling ear to ear while posing with their generous sponsors.

This is one of the kids I chaperoned at Parkson while they went about looking for anything they fancy. All within the RM100 budget limit of course. Of all the kids I mingled around with, he was the cheekiest. After spending some time ''scaling'' the departmental store, we felt tired and sat down for a while. Then he looked at me and said, ''Achik ni orang Cina ye?'' I replied that I was Malay just like him. Then he said, ''Oh...putih sangat la Achik ni.'' Then he asked me another question, ''Achik ni tinggi betul kan? Achik makan apa?''. Saya jawab, ''Achik suka makan tempe.'' To which he replied, ''Oh ye ke...tapi kalau tinggi sangat macam Achik ni mesti Achik dah hidup lama kan? Ada tak lebih 300 tahun?''

Adakah itu bermakna saya dilahirkan di zaman Raja Brooke?

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