Wednesday, June 1, 2011


A few days ago I went to Alamanda to do some errands. So many things to do, so little time, on an empty stomach. And it didn't help matters that the chicken rice shop I went to for my meal served everything with a super extra dose of MSG. Terus sakit kepala.

Well anyway after my early dinner I went straight to the nearest ATM to withdraw money. I was queuing behind a young man who seemed to have trouble with his card. He was an average sized young man, quite muscular, with neatly combed black hair. Bila tengok dia rasa sejuk hati. Pakai baju pun tuck in.

And I honestly didn't know why but out of the haziness of my MSG induced headache I walked behind him, peered over his head (aku kan tinggi) and just stared at the ATM screen.

And I think he could feel someone breathing down his neck and looked back.

"Oh mak engkau tinggi nya ya Allah terkejut aku bila masa akak diri kat belakang saya akak oiiii....!!"

Alamak. Dari jauh macam lelaki GQ tapi bila terkejut melatah pulak. Dan bersuara popon.