Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sama je dua-dua beradik

-Norman, jom kita ambik gambar.
-OK. Nanti Norman snapkan.
-Eh! Apesal buat muka ni.
-Heheh. Saje je. OK OK snap lagi sekali.

-OK. 1, 2, 3.

-Hah! Ohhh. Main sabo.

-Heheh. Padan muke.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Berdua dengan muuu...pasti lebih baiiiik...

A few days ago I went to this popular shopping complex to meet a friend. I parked my car at the basement parking and on my way to the entrance I was walking about 10 metres behind a couple. Who looked so happily in love (from behind it looked as if they were talking and laughing and holding hands). I saw them and walked faster to be nearer to them so that I won't be walking alone.

Then I saw something fell from the lady's handbag. I picked it up and called out to the lady (it was some sort of a membership card I think). The guy was the one who looked back first. And the first thing that I did was smile at him. Just to be polite of course. I couldn't say hi since I didn't know him at all and he did have someone hanging on to him (oh by that time the lady had her hand around his waist). Okay now what happened after that was totally surreal.

"Excuse me!" (me trying to get their attention and smiling at the guy when he saw me)
"Yes?" (the guy who turned at me smiled back and asked)
"I think you dropped something" (and I wanted to hand him the card)
"Siapa perempuan ni darling?" (by this time Lady Tiger had realized that I'd been chasing after them)
"No no I don't know your husband. I just want to return this card to you." (I didn't know why I had to justify myself but I did and felt like an idiot)
"Hey! Jangan menyibuk hal orang boleh tak? Ini bukan my husband!" (and as this weird conversation was taking place we were still slowly walking to the entrance)
"Oh okay. Well it's none of my business but I was just trying to do you a favour." (I was talking about returning her card. Mr Stud was slowly turning into a statue beside her since he just zipped up and did not move an inch. So everyone stopped walking for a while)
"Apa favour favour! Hey this is my life! Suka hati aku la aku nak buat apa? (Hmm...were we talking about the same thing here? By now I was a bit lost in my own sea of thoughts and hypotheses)

After that killer line she turned and strutted into the complex. And banged her head on the glass wall. Which looked exactly like the automatic sliding door.

All I could do was help her up. Well at least I did something okay? Mr Loverboy just stood there with his mouth open.

And throughout the whole drama I had the bloody card in my hand.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Biggest Loser

Last Tuesday I watched the grand finale of the first Biggest Loser Asia with my family. We were of course rooting for Aaron the hometown boy. Well, even if he didn't win, I was happy to see him looking healthy and most of all, very upbeat and confident. Unlike the first prize winner David who looked sickly and exhausted. Frankly he didn't seem at all to me like a person who had lost weight through exercise and proper nutrition. His eyes were too sunken, he looked like he had lost more hair, he didn't seem to have gained any muscle mass and he couldn't even walk properly. It was such a heartache to see him win when I think there were other contestants who in my opinion were more deserving.

Well anyway that night I dreamt that I went for the audition for the second season of the Biggest Loser Asia. It was done in a spa near One Utama (that spa suddenly appeared in my dream; it doesn't exist in reality). The judges asked me to do all sorts of exercise and during the interview part they told me that I was in the wrong reality show and ushered me into a second room at the end of the corridor. So I went into that room and saw a group of other tall people lining up to wait for their turn to audition. On the wall there was a sign that said "Biggest Height Loser Asia". Everybody who registered themselves for the audition wanted to lose some inches in height instead of shedding kilos.

The next morning I woke up feeling slightly annoyed with myself. Even in my dreams, my wicked little tortured mind plays tricks on me. And I wonder how Sigmund Freud would have interpreted this.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The world is getting tinier

Yesterday during my evening class one of my students asked to be excused one hour earlier. He said he had to meet his uncle who was arriving from the United States at KLIA and get his laptop from him. I asked him to write a letter and take a picture with his uncle at the airport as proof.

So just now the student came to my office to hand me the letter and the photo print-out. As he passed me the letter, he told me that his uncle said hi to me. It turned out that his uncle was a student of mine back in 1996. And now I'm teaching his nephew in 2010!

Now is that a pleasant surprise or what?

But when he knew that I taught his uncle in 1996, he said to me "Madame masa tu kami belum masuk darjah satu lagi la."

Leceh betul la budak-budak ni.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Antara abang-abang senior yang gua jumpa di AGM Alumni SMSS 2010

Brader sebelah gua ni cakap, masa dia kat sekolah dulu, dia pernah kena sebat 4 kali sebab ditangkap merokok. Dia cakap 3 hari tak boleh jalan. Pernah sekali dia kena denda. Tulis "Saya raja merokok" atas kertas kad manila, gantung kat leher, lepas tu jalan keliling sekolah, masuk keluar kelas. Nasib baik masa gua masuk form 1 kat sekolah Kg Kongo tu brader ni dah keluar. Kalau tak mesti kalau gua nampak brader ni jalan dari arah bertentangan gua akan cepat-cepat menyimpang dan menyorok balik tiang. Walaupun saiz dia hanyalah separuh gua, gua akan tetap rasa ketar.

Dan sampai sekarang gua rasa dia otai. Sebab dia masih lagi berjamming. Dan bercakap ala-ala gaya senior-senior form 5 gua yang masa gua form 1 dulu suruh gua baca sajak kajihayat depan kelas form 5. Cis! Gua ingat tu sampai bila-bila.

Tapi itu semua kisah-kisah zaman sekolah menengah. Sekarang kalau gua jumpa brader ni gua akan dengar cerita-cerita dia lepas tu buat modal untuk tulis entri blog. Keh keh keh.

Dan duit-duit yang banyak di depan kami itu adalah wang pendaftaran ahli baru alumni. Bukan duit dari skim piramid yang bertopengkan "klik Facebook duit masuk".

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