Thursday, March 11, 2010

Biggest Loser

Last Tuesday I watched the grand finale of the first Biggest Loser Asia with my family. We were of course rooting for Aaron the hometown boy. Well, even if he didn't win, I was happy to see him looking healthy and most of all, very upbeat and confident. Unlike the first prize winner David who looked sickly and exhausted. Frankly he didn't seem at all to me like a person who had lost weight through exercise and proper nutrition. His eyes were too sunken, he looked like he had lost more hair, he didn't seem to have gained any muscle mass and he couldn't even walk properly. It was such a heartache to see him win when I think there were other contestants who in my opinion were more deserving.

Well anyway that night I dreamt that I went for the audition for the second season of the Biggest Loser Asia. It was done in a spa near One Utama (that spa suddenly appeared in my dream; it doesn't exist in reality). The judges asked me to do all sorts of exercise and during the interview part they told me that I was in the wrong reality show and ushered me into a second room at the end of the corridor. So I went into that room and saw a group of other tall people lining up to wait for their turn to audition. On the wall there was a sign that said "Biggest Height Loser Asia". Everybody who registered themselves for the audition wanted to lose some inches in height instead of shedding kilos.

The next morning I woke up feeling slightly annoyed with myself. Even in my dreams, my wicked little tortured mind plays tricks on me. And I wonder how Sigmund Freud would have interpreted this.

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