Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Aina riding in Mak Long's Ferrari

I drive a car that is 13 years old. I didn't realize how rickety it has become until my niece sat beside me while driving to One Utama yesterday for some bonding time.

We stopped at the big giant intersection in front of One Utama and it just take ages to wait for the light to turn green. We sat quietly. Then my niece made strange sounds. You know the sounds that you make when you open your mouth and just say "Aaaaaaaaa" in front of a fan that is switched on just to hear your voice vibrating?

-Wow! Kerusi kereta Mak Long macam masage chair la!
-Pastu bila cakap pun suara gegar...
-Look Mak Long! The dashboard is shaking!

Silence for a while.
Then a few seconds later...

-Ooooh Mak Long! You have four hands. I can see you with four hands!
-That's my steering wheel vibrating.
-Wowwww. Your car is one big washing machine! Semua gegar!

And the light turned green.