Saturday, August 6, 2011


Yesterday I went to the pet food shop to buy the cat biscuits that my cats so can't live without. While I was choosing and debating with myself about the choice of flavour, an old lady came into the shop and came to where I was and we ended up talking which brand suits our cats best. At some point she looked at me and remarked about my height.

Then she told me that I have a nose that would bring ''ong'' to my future husband. I found this amusing as the Malays always say that if the wife is taller than the husband barulah murah rezeki. Sebab kalau bini tinggi dia boleh sorokkan duit atas almari dan suami tak sampai nak ambik. But this was the first time that someone told me about my nose that would eventually bring luck to whoever chose to spend his life with me.

Then I asked her what kind of man would suit me best then, to which she answered, ''Aiyaaaa semua orang suruh lu cari hati baik...tapi aaa gua cakap sama lu aaaa miss....dia olang mau cari hati baik itu dia olang punya cari yang banyak lui yang boleh tengok lu punya hati baik...sama boleh tengok lu punya hidung banyak ong.''

Errr. Okay. So people...I have a nose that brings great fortune. To others. :-)))

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Introducing a friend in French

This morning I had class with a group of students who were learning French for the first time. So as an ice-breaking session, I had them prepare a few sentences to introduce another friend to everyone.

I gave an example:
-Il s'appelle Roy. Il aime le football.

Some of them asked:
-What is the meaning of aime Madame?

I answered:
-Aime means "love". So my example means "His name is Roy. He loves football."
-Le tu kena ada ke Madame?
-Yes. Le means "the" in English.
-Ohh. OK.

Then one of them volunteered to start the activity.
-I want to try madame.
-OK good.

He pointed to a classmate: Il s'appelle Azrul. Il aime lemang.

Monday, August 1, 2011

TnG card

This morning I stopped by a petrol station to buy a new TnG card and top up some amount as well. At the cashier, I took out my purse to pay the boy at the counter. He gave me my card and my receipt.

As I went out the door, I took out my car keys. So I had my keys, my purse, my TnG card and my receipt in my hands.

While walking towards my car I passed by a thrash can. I wanted to throw away the receipt. Instead I threw away my TnG card. I looked around. There were two guys at the petrol pump who saw me asking for help. The one driving the Merc buat tak tahu. The one in the Hybrid car came out to help me.

And I also called the pump attendant to help me retrieve the card. The trash can had a swinging cover on top and I needed someone to take it off. So they obligingly did so and I thanked them, telling them that I had actually wanted to throw away the receipt but entah bagaimana threw the card into the trash can instead. Pakcik pump attendant tu hanya tersenyum semasa memasang semula penutup tong sampah tersebut. The Hybrid guy said it was normal to slip up sometimes.

Then I proceeded to throw away the receipt. But this time, instead, I threw my car keys (pulak) into the trash can.

So Mr Hybrid came out of the car (again) and helped take out my car keys (this time). Mr Merc hanya memerhati. Pakcik pump attendant buat-buat cuci cermin kereta pelanggan yang lain.

Then he told me to put my purse and card and keys into my handbag. Then he asked me to throw away the receipt. I smiled and thanked him (profusely). He grinned and geleng-geleng kepala.

Then it became clearer in my head. So I took out my car keys and went straight to my car. And drove to work.

Hybrid guys. Look for Hybrid guys. They're willing to get their hands dirty to help a woozy mademoiselle in distress.