Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Introducing a friend in French

This morning I had class with a group of students who were learning French for the first time. So as an ice-breaking session, I had them prepare a few sentences to introduce another friend to everyone.

I gave an example:
-Il s'appelle Roy. Il aime le football.

Some of them asked:
-What is the meaning of aime Madame?

I answered:
-Aime means "love". So my example means "His name is Roy. He loves football."
-Le tu kena ada ke Madame?
-Yes. Le means "the" in English.
-Ohh. OK.

Then one of them volunteered to start the activity.
-I want to try madame.
-OK good.

He pointed to a classmate: Il s'appelle Azrul. Il aime lemang.