Friday, July 1, 2011

Kejadian di Santai Suri

A couple of days ago I went to Santai Suri to meet up with my BFFs. When I reached the spa, one of them was out for errands. So I hoohaa-ed with those who were at the reception area for a bit.

A few minutes later my friend arrived. She was surprised to see me dan kami pun berpeluk-cium to say hello. Al-maklumlah dah lama tak berjumpa. She excused herself to the back for a while and I continued chatting with the rest.

Then I looked back at the counter and saw her standing there. Wah, dah makin slim si Rina ni, kataku di dalam hati. Nampaknya segala usaha mengikuti kelas body combat amat membuahkan hasil.

So I crept slowly from behind and surprised her by holding her by the waist and saying, "Oi Mek dah kurus la ko! Caya la!"

She turned slowly to me and said slowly, "Siapa yg kurus kak?"

Alamak. Bukan Rina. Tetapi salah seorang dari pelanggan urut yang mahu membayar di kaunter.

Memang saya mati kutu masa tu. Saya dah habis auta dah tak tahu macamana nak cover line lagi dah.

So I just smiled sheepishly. For once, I was stumped for words.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Orang utan

Last night I uploaded a photo of a person wearing a pink orang utan tshirt on my facebook wall. I thought it was a cute and adorable t-shirt. Pink pulak tu. Jadi kemolaran comelnya bertambah tiga kali ganda.

Before going to bed I zapped the Astro channels and noticed that almost all the programs were about murder and fantasy horror. So I switched off the telly and went to bed.

Then in my sleep I dreamed that I was attacked by a big hairy monster resembling a giant orang utan. And it was pink. Kinda like Sully in Monster Inc. Seekor orang utan berbulu pink. Chasing after me with hatred in his eyes and vengeance in his heart.

Suddenly it didn't seem so cute anymore.