Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Noor Montessori Graduation and Year-End Concert 2014

This is my long overdue post on the Noor Montessori Graduation and Year-End Concert. It was held at the ILKAP Auditorium Hall on the 15th November 2014. The hall is indeed a beautiful one. Well maintained, with good air conditioning, and the holding rooms were well decorated to receive VVIPs.

Well my job that day was to man (woman? Me feeling a little need for politically correct terms) the slides that served as the backdrop. And even after much practising and rehearsing, Murphy's Law reared its ugly head. You know the law that says, ''If something is bound to go wrong, it will?''. In the middle of one of the children's shows, (and it had to be during the most energetic one, the physical activity presentation), the laptop decided to re-start and re-configure itself. The poor children had to wait for a few minutes while we tried to solve the technical glitch. One boy even shouted to his dad from the stage, "Abah api takde ye?''

But apart from the small issue, it turned out to be a beautiful day for the Noor Montessori family. The little Muslims enjoyed themselves tremendously on stage, doing their best to show to their parents what they have been preparing for quite some time. Surah recitatons, fashion show, traditional dances, pantomime, and lots of singing. And of course, the highlight of that day: the Graduation of the 6 year olds!

So all in all it was a mighty enjoyable event! Big hugs to all the hard-working teachers! And to all the lovely parents who came and supported.

Here's a little slideshow on Noor Montessori:

There are currently 2 Noor Montessori branches:
1) Bandar Baru Bangi
2) Kajang

Registrations are open for 2015. Our school accepts 2-6 year olds (toddlers and preschool). For more information and enquiries please do not hesitate to call the friendly managers:
1) Auntie Shida: 019-915 45 47 (Bandar Baru Bangi)
2) Auntie Ezan: 019-700 01 42 (Kajang)

Au revoir et à bientôt!