Thursday, August 9, 2012

Search words

I have this nifty gadget called Feedjit that you can see at the bottom right corner of my blog. Which basically feeds me with some very minimal data about the blog visitors.

Of course, to get better functions, you would need to upgrade from Basic to Pro (as in Feedjit Pro I think). By doing so you do not only get to know the identity and country of origin of each and every one of your blog visitor, you also would get first-hand and classified information on everybody's personal detail, including favorite fruit and underwear color. Yup, you heard it. You! Yeah you! The one reading this now. Hmmm...let me see...leopard print in shades of fuscia and teal. Ooh how very growling animal.

But of course you will then scroll down and see that I still haven't upgraded (being the real cheapo that I am) and thus all that was written in the paragraph above beginning from "you would also..." to " very freakin' growlin' animal." was totally pure crap.

But rapidly moving on. Feedjit also tells you how the visitors arrive at your blog. Some were blog surfing, some clicked on networkedblogs, some arrived by way of search words. So here is a short list of search words that have made it on my Feedjit. Somehow they were got linked to Papillon Putih after searching for these words or phrases.

  1. makna donkey masa kecil dalam bahasa english
  2. nurse vacancy kat rumah orang tua 2012
  3. bahayakah urat yang disuntik
  4. penutup tangki minyak kereta myvi
  5. telur berbulu (HUH?)
  6. mata putih berurat merah
  7. suka cewek ketiak masam (WTH?)

I'm not surprised that "suka cewek ketiak masam" got my blog tagged. I'm surprised that ADA cowok yang suka cewek ketiak masam.

Lists. I just love lists.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


  1. Gam dalam tub plastik kecik yang ada sudu empat segi melekat kat atas penutup dia.
  2. Kaset audio yang boleh guna pensel bersegi untuk rewind.
  3. TV berpintu dan berkaki.
  4. Lawan badge sekolah.
  5. Main zero point.
  6. Bunyi "ketek!" bila pusing tombol untuk tukar channel TV.
  7. Cuba balance ON/OFF kat suis bulat berpunat yang tolak ke atas/bawah bila nak pasang lampu.
  8. Beg keras motif kotak-kotak yang boleh buat tempat duduk sementara tunggu van sekolah.
  9. Susu coklat Magnolia dalam botol kaca.
  10. Baju bare-back.