Saturday, January 15, 2011


The new semester has just started this week. And since I have classes that are of mixed groups, I thought it would be a good thing to let them introduce themselves to the others (in French, of course) and then do some ice-breaking activities together.

Then one boy stood up, told his name and said:
-J'habite a Bangi mais je viens de Serembang.
(I live in Bangi but I come from Serembang)

I asked him:
-Really? You come from Seremban?
-Yes madamng, I come from Serembang, Negeri Sembilang. sound like you come from the east coast...

-Heheheh...actually I come from 'Ganu la you know?

I know I'm going to have a lot of fun with this group this semester :D

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Sekebun cinta yang berbungaaaa

OK this was my face when Akak Ziana started belting out "Sekebun cinta...." during the past years AJL champs segment during AJL25 last Sunday. Hatiku sungguh berdebar-debar and I was like cringing when she hit the high notes. Bukannya apa, takut tak sampai.

This picture was taken after she finished singing. See the happy and relieved look on my face? Akak Ziana managaed to pull it off! No major hiccups! THAT was actually the highlight of the show for me.

Dan semasa berposing untuk mengambil gambar bertiga ini pun, sempat lagi bertanya kepada adik jurugambar, "Adik, double chin tak nampak kan?" Heheheh. Gambar nak masuk blog ni. Kena nampak OK! And thanks kak Men for the photos :))

And hey, do you guys realize that to win this year's AJL, the contestant had to compose, write and sing her own song. And then perform live on stage, main gitar sendiri, masuk sangkar, tutup sangkar dengan kain, tukar baju, berlawan dengan hantu, dan akhirnya berjaya menumpaskan hantu-hantu tersebut untuk bersama si dia (yang juga telah terpaksa berusaha keras untuk mengeluarkan diri dari sangkar yang berasingan).

So for next year's aspiring contestant, I wish you the best of luck. On top of doing all the things mentioned above, you guys might just have to top it off with more action and drama. Maybe include a lion tamer and juggling monkeys jumping through fiery hoops.

Anyway, sekalung tahniah untuk Ana Raffali! :)

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Last weekend I had a sleep-over at a friend's house. After dinner, all three of us had to go pick up a friend at Putrajaya Sentral. We drove this friend's car. She was headed to Putrajaya from LCCT. We were from Kajang.

It was late at night and we didn't know the way.

And naturally, we got lost. After driving round and round in circles and nearly running over a policewoman on a kapcai to stop and ask for directions (and decided not too) we tried one more time to get to the Putrajaya hospital and look for the fire station because my girlfriend who was driving said that the train station was somewhere there.

Then she said;
-Takpe. Rilek la. Kita banyak masa lagi. Rina cakap tren dia sampai pukul 10.20.

At that time I was looking at my handphone and the time indicated 22:25.

-Eh? Apa pulak banyak masa? Sekarang ni dah pukul 10.25 dah!
-Mana ada. Baru 9.58. Tu tengok tu.

And my friend pointed to the illuminated numbers on the dashboard of the car.

-Tu? 9.58?
-Itu channel radio!!! 95.8 la!
-OWH...aku ingatkan jam. Kat kereta aku jam letaknya kat situ.

When you have a bunch of ladies who are either nearing forty, in their early or in their mid forties, itu la jadinya. Rabun, pelupa, dan tak tau jalan. That's a lethal combination. :))

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