Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kisah teladan #1

Once I went on a vacation to Holland with a few friends. For two weeks, we rented a car and drove all over the country. We didn't really have a specific plan. We sort of pinpointed the towns we wanted to visit and once we arrived there, all we had to do was explore. Many houses provided B&B facilities so lodging was never a problem. Well come to think of it some of the most beautiful places we discovered in that country was purely by chance when we got lost. Like the Isle of Kaag. Google Image it and you'll see. It's such a gem.

One afternoon we were having lunch in a restaurant in one of the towns. I can't remember which one. We sat outside to enjoy the view of the buildings around us and also to eyeball all the passers-by. Orang Belanda ni ramai yang tinggi-tinggi. Tak kira lelaki mahupun perempuan. And many of them were taller than I. That made me feel right at home. Nobody staring at you for being this freakishly tall long-limbed girl walking clumsily around the shopping mall. In fact here in Holland if you're, say, 5 feet tall, with short stumpy legs, saya nasihatkan duduk rumah je la because the Dutch people might just grab you and make you their garden gnome. Oh yes. Another wonderful thing to see in Holland is their love and pride for their gardens and greens.

Well anyway back to the lunch story. Sedang kami asyik makan tengahari dan menikmati pemandangan, kami dikejutkan dengan suara orang-orang bercakap di dalam Bahasa Inggeris yang bertelo Melayu. Cepat-cepat saya beritahu kawan saya, "Eh let's speak in French so that they won't know we're from Malaysia too. Leceh la nanti nak kena berborak-borak dengan depa."

True enough the minute they saw us they started staring to see if we were also from Malaysia Tanahair Tercinta. Jadi kami pun bercakap-cakaplah dalam Bahasa Perancis. Konon menyamar. Cakap punya cakap gelak punya gelak saya ter"lebih uja" (is that how you translate over excited?) dan terhantuk kepala di tiang bersegi di belakang saya. Sakitnya bukan main.


Hence my cover-up was exposed.

The moral of the story?

Ko kalau dah Jawa tu Jawa jugaklah. Sedar diri tu sikit. :)

Ngeh ngeh ngeh.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Today on FB many of my friends have mentioned this date as "nombor cantik". For me it's just a number but it got me thinking. What did I do during this day the past couple of years?

So just now I checked my phone calendar and office organizer. It seems that on 20.10.2008 I had class during the day and dinner with my girlfriends in the evening Most probably after doing a dance class at the gym in the hopes of trying to shed off the kilos I piled on during Hari Raya Aidilfitri. I think on that day we were still in the month of Syawal, so I am guessing that I might have gone a little overboard with the food consumption.

On 20.10.2009 I also had class (tugas hakiki will always be tugas hakiki) and at night I went to the local music shop to inquire about piano lessons. Now that I remember I'm cringing a little because I stopped going for piano lessons after only 6 months of classes. My piano teacher gave up on me after two polite phone call reminders and she has accepted the fact that I enthusiastically took up lessons in the beginning simply because they were having a grand sale at Yamaha Music in Kelana Jaya when I bought my electric piano and its price was super marked down. Plus I just got paid for some translation job. Plus the lessons were also paid by a friend as a belated birthday gift.

So today, on 20.10.2010, I don't foresee anything special. I have a class in awhile, in the afternoon I might have to go to the workshop for some car check-up. Oh yes and wish happy birthday to a few friends who were born on this day many moons ago.

Dan buat apa lagi ye? Maybe buy a pink guitar and take up guitar lessons pulak? :)

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kejadian di farmasi

Last week I went to the pharmacy to buy some stuff and at the cashier, while waiting for my turn to pay, I thought of buying some mint candies as well. But that meant leaving my queue for awhile. Tapi tak payah sebenarnya cos usually they put all the candies and sweets and lozenges right in front of the cashier and if your hands are long enough you can grab some while in line.

Well anyway I was about to get those candies when a little kid (maybe around 6 years old at the most) came and stood right in front of the shelf. Exactly at the spot where they had the mint candies. So I politely asked the boy to move a little to the side, just for awhile, so that I can pick and choose and get back to my queue.

Anak mat salleh tu just ignored me.

OK. Takpe.

I tapped on his shoulder lightly and said again, "Excuse me, can you move a bit please? I need to get those mint candies."

Then he looked up at me and said, "Lady, you can suck my dick."

HUH? I was so shocked that my jaw literally dropped for a few seconds. Literally. And I actually looked around the pharmacy to see if this was some kind of hidden camera prank or something. I just couldn't imagine a kid with such a cherubic face saying that to a grown up. And I was too gobsmacked to think of a reply. Takkan nak cari gaduh dengan budak kecik ? You pick someone your own size lah kan.

Anyway his mom saved the day by calling him from outside to leave.

No, seriously, you call that a dick? A silly willy maybe, or a wriggly tadpole, but a dick? That little kid's got guts.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010


A few nights ago a friend of mine suggested that I include the nuffnang click button icon in my blog and hopefully make some money out of it. To be honest I don't really know how it works. But I just had it done anyway. My brother said that if someone clicks on it to see the advertisement, a certain amount of money will go into my account. I am guessing a few cents.

So I was like wondering if I kept clicking on the nuffnang button repeatedly all day long I'd become extremely rich very fast and not have to join the login-FB-and-get-RM100 bandwagon. And can finally quit my job, buy a nice house, have a gorgeous kitchen with a 12 foot long kitchen island (what the hell?) and do nothing except eat and be merry. And from time to time spend my vacation at my villa in Monaco, sipping Perrier by my infinity pool and watch my neighbour Kimi Raikkonen clean his (he finds pool cleaning relaxing for the soul and therapeutic; it keeps his mind focused for his next race).

Then my brother told me that they check the IP address of each ''clicker''. So only the first click counts. Or so I think.

OWHHH. Takde la kaya cepat ek?

If this was the road runner show, the broken edge of the cliff would have landed on Wiley E. Coyote's head right now. And ruin all his plans.

Tapi kalau saya tunggu lama-lama sikit dan suruh semua orang yang saya kenal klik butang nuffnang di blog saya ni lama-lama dapat tak saya beli Mini Cooper yang saya idam-idamkan selama ini?

Owh okay. An Iphone 4 maybe? Would that be a more achievable target?

Errr...itu pun tak pasti? Then what about a trip to the islands? They say the sands on the beaches of some little islands off Langkawi are so fine and white it's like walking on flour.

Apa? Jangan harap sangat? Isyyy...when you start having monologues with Negativity, you'll never get anywhere.

Belum cuba belum tahu. Masa pakcik Moh Far Kor letak muka dia on his first packet of asam limau keping more than 30 years ago, did he know that his product would still be around in 2010? Remember those days when people would scare you from eating it and call the asam taik hidung Cina? It still sticks in my mind until now.

Oh well anyway back to my Nuffnang deal. Let's be more optimistic. A trip to the Bahamas guys. That's what I'm aiming for. I'll start prepping myself up for it with a short weekend trip to PD in November. You know, just to get a feel of the breeze and salt water.

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