Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kejadian di farmasi

Last week I went to the pharmacy to buy some stuff and at the cashier, while waiting for my turn to pay, I thought of buying some mint candies as well. But that meant leaving my queue for awhile. Tapi tak payah sebenarnya cos usually they put all the candies and sweets and lozenges right in front of the cashier and if your hands are long enough you can grab some while in line.

Well anyway I was about to get those candies when a little kid (maybe around 6 years old at the most) came and stood right in front of the shelf. Exactly at the spot where they had the mint candies. So I politely asked the boy to move a little to the side, just for awhile, so that I can pick and choose and get back to my queue.

Anak mat salleh tu just ignored me.

OK. Takpe.

I tapped on his shoulder lightly and said again, "Excuse me, can you move a bit please? I need to get those mint candies."

Then he looked up at me and said, "Lady, you can suck my dick."

HUH? I was so shocked that my jaw literally dropped for a few seconds. Literally. And I actually looked around the pharmacy to see if this was some kind of hidden camera prank or something. I just couldn't imagine a kid with such a cherubic face saying that to a grown up. And I was too gobsmacked to think of a reply. Takkan nak cari gaduh dengan budak kecik ? You pick someone your own size lah kan.

Anyway his mom saved the day by calling him from outside to leave.

No, seriously, you call that a dick? A silly willy maybe, or a wriggly tadpole, but a dick? That little kid's got guts.

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