Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kisah teladan #1

Once I went on a vacation to Holland with a few friends. For two weeks, we rented a car and drove all over the country. We didn't really have a specific plan. We sort of pinpointed the towns we wanted to visit and once we arrived there, all we had to do was explore. Many houses provided B&B facilities so lodging was never a problem. Well come to think of it some of the most beautiful places we discovered in that country was purely by chance when we got lost. Like the Isle of Kaag. Google Image it and you'll see. It's such a gem.

One afternoon we were having lunch in a restaurant in one of the towns. I can't remember which one. We sat outside to enjoy the view of the buildings around us and also to eyeball all the passers-by. Orang Belanda ni ramai yang tinggi-tinggi. Tak kira lelaki mahupun perempuan. And many of them were taller than I. That made me feel right at home. Nobody staring at you for being this freakishly tall long-limbed girl walking clumsily around the shopping mall. In fact here in Holland if you're, say, 5 feet tall, with short stumpy legs, saya nasihatkan duduk rumah je la because the Dutch people might just grab you and make you their garden gnome. Oh yes. Another wonderful thing to see in Holland is their love and pride for their gardens and greens.

Well anyway back to the lunch story. Sedang kami asyik makan tengahari dan menikmati pemandangan, kami dikejutkan dengan suara orang-orang bercakap di dalam Bahasa Inggeris yang bertelo Melayu. Cepat-cepat saya beritahu kawan saya, "Eh let's speak in French so that they won't know we're from Malaysia too. Leceh la nanti nak kena berborak-borak dengan depa."

True enough the minute they saw us they started staring to see if we were also from Malaysia Tanahair Tercinta. Jadi kami pun bercakap-cakaplah dalam Bahasa Perancis. Konon menyamar. Cakap punya cakap gelak punya gelak saya ter"lebih uja" (is that how you translate over excited?) dan terhantuk kepala di tiang bersegi di belakang saya. Sakitnya bukan main.


Hence my cover-up was exposed.

The moral of the story?

Ko kalau dah Jawa tu Jawa jugaklah. Sedar diri tu sikit. :)

Ngeh ngeh ngeh.

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  1. hehehe.. org belanda ke french ke kalau terhantuk x kluar adoi ke?? hehehe.. mana la tau sama je.. istilah lain daripada auchh.. :D

  2. attiesya: orang perancis kata "aïe!!"...orang belanda cakap "adoi" jugak kot...akibat kolonisasi! :)