Thursday, December 22, 2011


Just now I went grocery shopping with my niece. In the hypermarket, she was busy helping me find everything I had in my list.

At one time, she wanted to hold my arm to get my attention. But immediately pulled her hand back.

-Ouch! That hurts! Ada rasa macam cucuk-cucuk.
-Owhh. Itu elektrik statik Aina. Kalau Aina pegang troli ni pun Aina boleh rasa cucuk-cucuk tu.
-Eeeee tak nak peganglah! Nanti sakit macam masa pegang lengan Mak Long tadi.

I was about to explain to her about static electricity when she shouted her bright idea out loud for everyone to hear (anyone within a radius of 10 metres would get the message loud and clear):

-Aaaaaahhh! Saya tau kenapa sakit tadi bila nak pegang lengan Mak Long. Ini mesti sebab bulu Mak Long tajam!

I swear to God I heard people snickering all around me.