Monday, March 7, 2011

Beg tuisyen

This morning I had quite a lot of things to bring out of the car to the office. My tuition bag, my handbag and another pile of books. But as I was locking my car door (read: kereta yang melebihi sepuluh tahun tiada lagi mempunyai sistem alarm) I realized that I was missing my tuition bag. So I had to go the passenger side of the car, unlock the door and look for the bag. Tiada. Cari di seat belakang. Tiada juga.

Some of my students were walking by the car at that time. One of them asked me what I was looking for.

-Saya cari beg tuisyen saya.
-Oh. Warna merah ye madame.
-Eh? Macamana kamu tau?
-Itu yang madame galas kat bahu tu?
-Itu handbag saya.
-Handbag madame kat bahu kiri. Beg tuisyen tu madame galas kat bahu kanan.

I was so busy looking for the bag inside my car that I didn't even realize that I had it all the time slung on my shoulder. I didn't even feel the weight of it.

-Apa kamu gelak-gelak?
-Madame...madame...have a nice day!

Kalau budak tu cakap saya ni dah mula pelupa, memang saya tarik telinga dia.

Now I have to still look for that red bag. I know it's here somewhere in the office. :-)))

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