Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tap tap

I just discovered today that tapping twice on any photo on the iPhone will zoom it and tapping twice again on the enlarged photo will bring it back to its original size. This after more than one year of use.

Sigh. What else do I need to know about my handphone? Print screen. I should learn about this as well. I've seen people do it.

And after writing a text message, how do we make the keypad disappear so that there's more space for us to read the previous ones?

Do I need a special class for this? Or just the manual?

By the way, where is the manual?


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Aina's first swimming lesson

Yesterday was my niece's first swimming class. She burst into the room to show off her new swimming suit and goggles as I was watching some video clips on YouTube about the French language that I can use as material in my class. She was so happy and excited.

"Mak Long! Look at me! Look at my new blue goggles. Cool huh?" and walked back and forth across the room.

Before I could respond, my phone rang. A Chinese lady was on the other end.

-Hello? Cik Nohayati Ya-ya? Saya membwat panggilan dari XXX. Kami ingin menawarkan bla bla bla..."

"Wow! The wall is blue! My goggles have magical powers."

-Di sini saya ingin bagitau Cik ar, jikalau Cik bla bla bla..."

"Whoa! Even the bed is blue! wahahaha!"

-Cik Nohayati busy kah? Sedang driving kah?

Then my niece came to my laptop and shouted,

"Waaa! Mak Long's watching a blue movie!"

-Err...okay lah tak apalah...lain kali sajie la saya call Cik Nohayati...