Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Word game

Last weekend my niece asked me to play a word game with her. So I said okay and proposed the "make a sentence from any two given words".

-Okay Mak Long let's play.
-Okay let's see. I will give you two words and you make a sentence using the two words.
-Okay. And you too okay Mak Long? But me first.
-Hmmm. What about remote control and giraffe? Come on Aina, you go first.

(In my mind, I had already thought of my sentence: "The giraffe swallowed the remote control.")

-Well...Aina and Atuk are watching television. Then Atuk feels bored because she doesn't like the cartoon channel. So she takes the remote control and changes the channel. Then they watch National Discovery. Atuk looks at the animals and says to Aina,"Let's go to the zoo Aina." So they go to the zoo. But the drive is very long. At the zoo, they see a lot of animals. But Atuk likes the giraffe the most.

Then my niece looked at me and said:
-The end. See? Easy peasy lemon squeezy. That was fun Mak Long! Now let's hear your sentence!
-Errr...oh hey Aina I think I hear Atuk calling you downstairs.

Dan Mak Long pun tukar topik.