Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Generation gap analysis #1

A few days ago I bumped into a friend and his current mata ayer, hanging on to him for dear life. OK maybe that was not a very neutral description. But please let me try to explain. My friend is 45. She is 23. MLC at the most viral stage.

Well anyway due to the misfortune of this accidental encounter I had to sit down and have coffee with them. And update current events in each other's personal lives. I wanted to tell him to just read my FB status for more info but bit my tongue in time. He wasn't on my list of friends.

Miss Mega Block Busters (seriously, they're huge) was quiet for some time and observed. Sometimes she smiled at me.

Then we started talking about old school rock groups and I mentioned about a mutual friend who just bought a vintage Iron Maiden t-shirt.

To which Miss MBB finally menyampuk and said, "Akak Yati, yang kat channel AFC tu bukan Iron Maid la. Iron Chef. Orang Jepun tu."

Lantas aku hot disebabkan beberapa perkara:
a) Dia panggil aku Akak.
b) Dia menyamakan Iron Maiden dengan Iron Chef.
c) Kenapa dia boleh keliru akan hal ini?
i) She mistook Iron Maiden for Iron Maid.
ii) She thought I was actually referring to the Iron Chef when she thought I said Iron Maid.
iii) She has never heard of Iron Maiden. Her dad might have.

Tapi yang lagi best adalah bila dia terus senyum kepada kawan saya yang sedang dilamun asmara MLC seraya berkata, "Ayang nasib baik baby ada Astro kan?"

I have said this before but I will say this again. For a person like her, if she wants to have a higher IQ, she'd have to stand on a chair.

Dan kalau Iron Chef tu mat rock, kemungkinan besar dia layan Loudness.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Perbualan mengenai negeri

Earlier this week I was at a friend's place and overheard their two daughters' conversation. -Cucuk mata dia! -Tak baik la buat macam tu. Nanti mati masuk melaka. Kalau mati masuk Melaka, bila lapar kita boleh makan Curry Devil. Kalau mengantuk nak tidur kita boleh pergi Bukit Katil. Kemudian di malam minggu pergi jumpa mata air di Padang Temu. Tapi hati-hati. Kalau jalan-jalan pegang tangan di Zoo Melaka tu pandang kiri-kanan. Takut ada Gajah Berang. :-))