Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Panjangkan telinga

One day many moons ago after picking up my niece from school we went to have lunch at a pizza parlour in our neighborhood. The boys at the table beside ours were gossiping about their lecturer. Or so I thought.

"Weh Mr X tu suka marah kat aku ar. Aku rasa dia target aku. Dalam kelas dia asyik bla bla bla..."

So I leaned closer to them to listen because I was just as curious to know who the lecturer was. Kot-kot la cikgu MFI kan.

Then Aina said to me loudly:
"Mak Long are you EAVESDROPPING meja sebelah?"

One of the boys heard this, looked at us, then looked around at their table and on the floor.

"Weh apa yang jatuh weh?"

Fuh. Lega Achik.