Thursday, June 23, 2011

Perbualan tatkala sedang makan chicken popcorn

This morning during breakfast I chatted a bit with my 8-year-old niece. She talked about her school and her plans for the weekend. Then she looked at me and told me proudly that she can speak two languages very fluently: Malay and English.

-But I want to be like you Mak Long! You can speak three languages!

I looked at her and geleng-geleng kepala.

-No? Not three? How many languages do you speak then Mak Long?
-Wow? Six? What languages?
-Well, Malay, English, French, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Inggeris and Bahasa Perancis.

Then as she was eating her chicken popcorn I heard her muttering under her breath, "Nanti Aina pun nak jadi macam Mak Long lah."

I asked her:

-Nak jadi macam Mak Long boleh cakap enam bahasa ke Na?
-Tak. Nak jadi macam Mak Long suka loyar buruk.