Thursday, June 16, 2011


This morning I stopped by a petrol station beside the used-to-be Mint Hotel to buy some breakfast. But they ran out of hot coffee and the cashier told me that I could get some at McDonalds next door.

"Terus boleh masuk ikut pintu belakang kakak takde keluar-keluar." (read: the two buildings were adjoining to each other)

So I went there and ordered my breakfast and coffee to go. When I got everything I asked the adik at the counter where to get the sugar sachets.

"Ohhh gula boleh beli kat sebelah kak.", while pointing towards the petrol station convenience store.

Then the supervisor came and elbowed him from behind and told him, "Layan customer elok-elok la."

Then the boy looked at me and said, "Heheheh...ala madame saje je nak ngenakan madame. Tu ha tepi counter ni nanti saya ambikkan ekk."

Cis. Budak MFI rupanya. Tapi siapa ye? Hmmm.