Monday, July 16, 2012

Another visit to the clinic

The other day I watched my niece playing doctor/nurse with her plush toy reptile patients; ie a crocodile and a snake. Both were returning patients, so she had their medical history, and was referring to her notes as she spoke to them. Both the reptiles came in together to see her for consultation.

-Well hello Mister Crocodile. You're not feeling well today? Let me check your temperature. Hmmmm. Everything seems ok. Ohhh...what's this smell? Oh dear. I think it's just your ketiak masam again. You need to bathe more Mister Crocodile.

(she refers to her doctor's notes)

-Yes yes. It's ketiak masam. I will ask the nurse to give you some bedak and perfume. Excuse me? Did you say something Mister Snake?

(and she leaned closer towards the snake to listen to what he had to say)

-Oh yes. Definitely. You will not get ketiak masam. Because you don't have any ketiak! Very clever of you!