Sunday, October 17, 2010


A few nights ago a friend of mine suggested that I include the nuffnang click button icon in my blog and hopefully make some money out of it. To be honest I don't really know how it works. But I just had it done anyway. My brother said that if someone clicks on it to see the advertisement, a certain amount of money will go into my account. I am guessing a few cents.

So I was like wondering if I kept clicking on the nuffnang button repeatedly all day long I'd become extremely rich very fast and not have to join the login-FB-and-get-RM100 bandwagon. And can finally quit my job, buy a nice house, have a gorgeous kitchen with a 12 foot long kitchen island (what the hell?) and do nothing except eat and be merry. And from time to time spend my vacation at my villa in Monaco, sipping Perrier by my infinity pool and watch my neighbour Kimi Raikkonen clean his (he finds pool cleaning relaxing for the soul and therapeutic; it keeps his mind focused for his next race).

Then my brother told me that they check the IP address of each ''clicker''. So only the first click counts. Or so I think.

OWHHH. Takde la kaya cepat ek?

If this was the road runner show, the broken edge of the cliff would have landed on Wiley E. Coyote's head right now. And ruin all his plans.

Tapi kalau saya tunggu lama-lama sikit dan suruh semua orang yang saya kenal klik butang nuffnang di blog saya ni lama-lama dapat tak saya beli Mini Cooper yang saya idam-idamkan selama ini?

Owh okay. An Iphone 4 maybe? Would that be a more achievable target?

Errr...itu pun tak pasti? Then what about a trip to the islands? They say the sands on the beaches of some little islands off Langkawi are so fine and white it's like walking on flour.

Apa? Jangan harap sangat? Isyyy...when you start having monologues with Negativity, you'll never get anywhere.

Belum cuba belum tahu. Masa pakcik Moh Far Kor letak muka dia on his first packet of asam limau keping more than 30 years ago, did he know that his product would still be around in 2010? Remember those days when people would scare you from eating it and call the asam taik hidung Cina? It still sticks in my mind until now.

Oh well anyway back to my Nuffnang deal. Let's be more optimistic. A trip to the Bahamas guys. That's what I'm aiming for. I'll start prepping myself up for it with a short weekend trip to PD in November. You know, just to get a feel of the breeze and salt water.

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  1. RM0.01 for you, i click once... i think u need another 500 thousands (minus one - me) clicks for you Bahamas trips...

  2. I clicked once with my iPhone. Nanti I will click again using my Mac. And whenever I m on someone's else pc, I will click. It will get u closer to ur dream.... Busfare to PD!

  3. xjutsu: oh terima kasih kawan might have just been the first to click! :)

    bro anwarz: heheh merci! dapat bus fare and duit sewa pelampung pun jadi la :)

  4. i pun dh click... :D nanti bila go anywhere belikan ole-ole ya!