Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Today on FB many of my friends have mentioned this date as "nombor cantik". For me it's just a number but it got me thinking. What did I do during this day the past couple of years?

So just now I checked my phone calendar and office organizer. It seems that on 20.10.2008 I had class during the day and dinner with my girlfriends in the evening Most probably after doing a dance class at the gym in the hopes of trying to shed off the kilos I piled on during Hari Raya Aidilfitri. I think on that day we were still in the month of Syawal, so I am guessing that I might have gone a little overboard with the food consumption.

On 20.10.2009 I also had class (tugas hakiki will always be tugas hakiki) and at night I went to the local music shop to inquire about piano lessons. Now that I remember I'm cringing a little because I stopped going for piano lessons after only 6 months of classes. My piano teacher gave up on me after two polite phone call reminders and she has accepted the fact that I enthusiastically took up lessons in the beginning simply because they were having a grand sale at Yamaha Music in Kelana Jaya when I bought my electric piano and its price was super marked down. Plus I just got paid for some translation job. Plus the lessons were also paid by a friend as a belated birthday gift.

So today, on 20.10.2010, I don't foresee anything special. I have a class in awhile, in the afternoon I might have to go to the workshop for some car check-up. Oh yes and wish happy birthday to a few friends who were born on this day many moons ago.

Dan buat apa lagi ye? Maybe buy a pink guitar and take up guitar lessons pulak? :)

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