Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The world is getting tinier

Yesterday during my evening class one of my students asked to be excused one hour earlier. He said he had to meet his uncle who was arriving from the United States at KLIA and get his laptop from him. I asked him to write a letter and take a picture with his uncle at the airport as proof.

So just now the student came to my office to hand me the letter and the photo print-out. As he passed me the letter, he told me that his uncle said hi to me. It turned out that his uncle was a student of mine back in 1996. And now I'm teaching his nephew in 2010!

Now is that a pleasant surprise or what?

But when he knew that I taught his uncle in 1996, he said to me "Madame masa tu kami belum masuk darjah satu lagi la."

Leceh betul la budak-budak ni.

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  1. tena: heheh. jangan takut beb jap-jap lagi it will happen to you too (inilah akibatnya bila bekerja di satu tempat terlalu lama)

  2. First batch ker kak? Saper eh...Awie ada jugak nephew dia belajar mfi...tapi da grad... -LUKMAN

  3. lukman: the kid i'm teaching now is an asmt student and his uncle was also in asmt, 2nd batch. :)