Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sixth sense

Okay I'm sure you guys have experienced the situation in which your brain asked you to do one thing but after a split second you decided against it? And then regretted not doing it?

Like for example, as you leave the house to go to work, you see that big golf umbrella by the door. You know the one that is metallic grey to supposedly deflect the sun rays and heat? Tapi sebenarnya bila kita pakai payung tu kita tetap akan rasa panas dan berpeluh dan bermuka hitam? Because no matter how much sunblock cream you put on your face the bad UV rays will still make their way through your epidermis and cause irreversible damage?

Well, anyway, your brain tells you to take it with you and keep it in your car. But you say to yourself "Tak payah la kot, tengah panas berdengung tu kat luar." Then in the evening when you want to go buy some eggs and bread at the supermarket, you find yourself waiting in the car because it's pouring cats and dogs outside and you can't make a mad dash to the shop since you're wearing a sheer peach coloured blouse that day and you don't want the whole world to see your lacy Victora's Secret bra when you get drenched in the rain with the blouse sticking to your skin.

Okay whoever can read that long sentence in one single breath memang pakar dalam teknik pernafasan dan patut belajar menyanyi opera.

In English you say it's your sixth sense. But does that translate into "deria ke enam" in Bahasa melayu? No no no no no. I'd rather call it the "Apesal la" syndrome. Take the situation that I mentioned before. If that had happened to me (and it did many times but I never learn from it) I wouldn't be saying "Oh dear I should have followed my instincts and taken the umbrella. Wow Yati your sixth sense is at a super extra sensory level." Apa cerita monolog dalam Bahasa Inggeris baku? Of course I'd be saying "Apesal la aku tak ambik payung tu tadi."

Hence, the "Apesal la" syndrome.

Thank you. Have a nice day everyone. And don't forget your umbrella.

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