Wednesday, April 14, 2010


This morning I went to see a doctor for my aches and pains. He checked me and then said I needed to rest more and maybe have a change of lifestyle to lessen the stress. As you turn 40 stress can affect you so much more and in many different ways it seems. His biggest recommendation for the lifestyle overhaul was to cut down on caffeine, which he said could significantly reduce my stress level. But at the same time would probably trigger seizure-like withdrawal symptoms, but I just kept that thought to myself sebab muka doktor tu garang dan serius. Bad hair day barangkali. Ataupun baru bertengkar dengan the young and super inefficient Misi at the counter. She might be the only person I know to ask for my IC number after asking for my MyKad for registration.

After writing down the prescription he said he was off for a short break. I just nodded and said thank you.

I left the clinic and on the way to my car I stopped by the restaurant a few lots away to buy some, ehemm, hot tea. And I saw the doctor inside having a drink, and talking with his friends, and smoking like a dragon.

He saw me and said, "I need this to manage my stress."

I just nodded, and left the restaurant. Muka dia garang. Saya takut nak komen banyak-banyak.

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  1. some are just born with a face like that.... hehe!

  2. I can imagine that face of yours when you saw that doctor smoking! But kudos to that "super efficient" she from Malaysia, by the way?