Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Save Mother Nature

Last Saturday I went to Hulu Langat to join some students from SMSS (sebuah sekolah berasrama di Kg Kongo) for a "Save Mother Nature" project. The students cleaned up an area surrounding Sg Tekala and went into the river too; to collect rubbish and then mandi sungai. Everybody was happy. My senior who organized this event works in Nestlé. So we all had free cucur bawang and Nescafe which was great.

But one person that amused me was this boy who was bathing in the river when the kids were busy collecting rubbish along the banks. He kept shouting "Hoi! Pencuri sampah! Ko curi sampah kampung aku!"

Sayangilah sungai kita tapi bukan sampahnya! :)

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