Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This morning I invigilated a group of students who sat for a technical paper. It was a 2 hour paper so naturally the ones with a loose bladder or who sat directly at the air conditioner will feel the need to go to the loo.

The invigilator needs to accompany the student out and wait for him or her outside the toilet.

I waited for about 5 minutes or so. The boy still didn't come out. So I called out to him.

-Lama lagi ke awak kat dalam tu? Dah lebih 5 minit ni.
-Madame. Jangan la dok panggil saya lagu tu. Saya tau madame tunggu saya kat luaq tu.
-Habis tu?
-Tak buleh nak keluaq! Jenuh dok cuba!

Ngok ngek betul.

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  1. you waited? In? or Out? *grins*

  2. kak ani: kesian pun ada jgk :)

    lin: ada je akal budak2 ni :)

    abg majdi: saya tunggu di luar. kalau masuk for sure both of us would've turned to stone :D