Friday, June 18, 2010

500 wpm

Two days ago I spent the whole day with my niece. We went to One Utama for lunch before going to an arts and craft shop for her monthly arty farty project. After that we went to the games arcade for her games and train ride and sand play.

All the way from the house into the car into the shopping mall she never stopped talking.

-Mak Long you know bla bla bla....I think this is great bla bla bla...You know at school bla bla bla...I'm so happy today bla bla bla...This is my lucky day bla bla bla...

She's the only person I know who will straight away tell you something after asking you "Can I tell you something?" without waiting for an answer.

Sometimes when she asks me that "Can I tell you something, Mak Long?" question, I'd simply say no to see her reaction.
-Can I tell you something, Mak Long?
-Oh. Then can I tell you another thing, Mak Long?
-Mak Long, that's not what I want to hear.

And she'll just bulldoze everyone into listening to what she has to say. It's so interesting to see how a super active imagination works. She'll just talk about anything. And everything.

So that day in One Utama at the restaurant during lunch I was hoping for some peace and quiet so that I could at least enjoy my food better. I asked her if she could stop talking for a while, at least for 10 minutes, so that we could both eat calmly.

-Err. Okay Mak Long. No talking then.

A few seconds later.

-La la la la la la la. Toot toot too. Da da da. Dum dee dum dum.
-Aina! I thought we said no talking?
-But Mak Long I was just singing to myself. Not talking to you?

I give up!

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  1. erkkk..teringat cerita shrek..psl donkey yg xleh stop talking even 5 second..hahaha..opss...

  2. I guess it runs in your family :) LOL! At least I know where the "highly imaginative" genes came from!