Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kejadian di Alamanda

Yesterday I went to Alamanda to get the Baskin Robbins Wednesday Pink Deal. Baju, tudung jam semuanya warna pink kalau adik kat kaunter tu tak perasan jugak memang la. Kalau dah teringin sangat tu sorang-sorang pun on je. Actually when you think about it, sometimes it's best to go alone when you crave for that something to eat. Tak payah share. Heheheh gila tamak tak ingat right?

On my way out while walking towards my car in the parking lot I saw from afar a man kneeling in front of a Kancil. Or was it a Viva. I'm not so sure. In front of my pink Mini Cooper. OK that was deep wishful thinking (this is a little subliminal message so I hope you're reading this my little Bobo). In front of my purple Putra. He seemed to be looking at the car fender. Or so I thought. Dari jauh nampak kurang jelas. Mata pula sudah semakin rabun.

It was when I approached my car that I realized that he wasn't kneeling in front of his car. But that he was in fact a very vertically-challenged man standing and waiting for his friend who was in the car. And smoking a cigarette.

Well here's the deal. I felt somewhat quite disturbed with the whole ''orang kerdil menghisap rokok'' scenario. I'm not here to judge or anything but just to share the mixed feelings that I had when experiencing this situation. On one hand, there was a voice in my head that said ''Apa la mamat ni. Dah cacat pun nak hisap rokok lagi ke''. Hence it remained only a tiny voice talking in my head because had I said those words out loud to him memang confirm aku kena pukul. But on the other hand there was another voice that argued with suara kecil Cikgu Bedah tadi, telling us that hey this guy is a normal person too thus should be treated as such. Kalau dia nak hisap rokok itu dia punya hak lah. Kalau dia tak dibenarkan hisap rokok sebab dia kerdil, bukankah itu satu diskriminasi terhadap golongan OKU?

Jadi itulah dia sedikit sebanyak konflik dalaman yang saya hadapi sewaktu bersemuka dengan seorang lelaki kerdil yang menghisap rokok di kawasan meletak kereta di Alamanda semalam. Sekian. Terima kasih. Have a nice day y'all.

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  1. yatiiiiiii..... ur so funny! i think i will think the same way la dear. is that good or bad huh? macam serupa je kita....

  2. Well...being kerdil is a genetic condition that is no fault of his. Otherwise, he is a normal person. I think it is discriminative to not allow him to smoke.

  3. kak airul: You know what kak. i think we might be the only two who think that way. All my other friends say lantak dia la. Ada yang cakap I'm labelling and that's not good. Which is true la :)

    abg raz: Exactly.

  4. Yati, with reference to the last sentence in your second paragraph...I think you have forgotten to do something you planned to do in your blog entry about your new year resolution. Hahahahaha!