Friday, August 13, 2010

Banggali! Banggali!

A few days ago I went to one of the hypermarkets near my house for some pre-Ramadhan grocery shopping. Well the only extra item that I had to buy was the F&N Rose Syrup. According to my Mum's grocery list, it HAD to be F&N. Cap lain tak boleh.

While I was at the meat section, I saw a group of foreign workers looking at someone and talking or arguing with each other. I couldn't really tell what the topic was about as I don't speak Bangladeshi. But everytime they spoke, terkeluar perkataan "banggali". Cakap-cakap sikit ..."banggali"... cakap-cakap lagi ..."banggali"... angguk-angguk-geleng-geleng ..."banggali" ...

So I looked around and saw that they were looking at a very pretty girl in her mid 30s. Whom actually as I looked closer was a friend of mine. She had Pakistani blood. Cantik la. So I went over to say hello to her and tell her what I overheard. She was just amused and said that it was normal for people to mistake her for a an Indian girl.

Tup-tap-tup-tap I heard those men talking again. But this time looking at me. And in the conversation I heard them saying "Tinggi! Tinggi!".

My friend looked at me and said, "Padan muka kau. Ni turn kau pulak kena."

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  1. hahaha.. dorg tu ngumpat bulan2 pose ni.. tp klakar la ti..

  2. farouq: heheh...iye...aduhh :)

    iamwhoiam: hi there! thanks for reading :)

    attiesya: itu la pasal...sambil bergosip tu tunjuk2 kat aku :)