Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sabar itu separuh dari iman...so what's the other half?

For my French course the students need to print out on their own their course notes, grammar notes and exercise sheets that the lecturers have uploaded to the institute's e-learning portal. So from Week 1 I've informed all my students to do so as I would not be photocopying any for them.

Last week was already week 4. And some of the students still had not done so. In one of the classes more than half of them still came to class empty handed. So Madame Yati had to deliver her free lectures #54 and #55 entitled "Korang kalau nak belajar buat cara nak belajar kalau tak jangan buang masa aku" and "Jangan buang duit RM500 untuk bayaran 2 jam kredit dengan hanya duduk menganga". Dah nama pun lecturer kan?

So after several minutes of ear bombarding I just stood in front of them and asked them what they wanted to do then since they had no notes to work with and I was so annoyed with their lackadaisical attitude.

Everybody had made the wise decision to keep quiet except for one student who sat right in front of the class who meekly came up with a suggestion. Tapi masa cakap tu pun tunduk. Suara pun perlahan aje. Sebab takut kena libas.

....."Anger management therapy?"

So how can you not like teaching this bunch of students?

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  1. maybe loan yang tidak mencukupi kot madam.
    abes klu dh semua kelas kn print nota.
    mmg x terprint kot madam.
    that is my guess why their do not printed the noted.

    p/s: i'm always printed my notes. financial management come first. hehe...

  2. momo: maybe you're right. but sometimes the students they rely too much on others to do things for them...itu yang susah tu :)

  3. ha ha ha, berani lagi tu nak menjawab Auntie..but seriously, I cud never imagine myself being a lecturer/teacher/educator..ada anak orang kena swing kang...ha ha ha..Have a blessed Ramadhan to you and the family!

  4. now i understand the enjoyment of being a lecturer.... haha! you're the best la madame yati. ur stories make my day.

  5. Scorpio Girl: Happy Ramadhan to you too girl! Kirim salam to your parents...hopefully we can meet and chat during Raya...while munching on your grandma's yummy sambal goreng :)

    iamwhoiam: being a lecturer has its ups and downs. macam kerja2 lain jugak...but it's rewarding :)