Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tifa Lolobrigida

Yesterday on the way back home I stopped by a fast food restaurant to buy their combo meal (of chicken and prawn) as I suddenly had a craving for greasy fried chicken. There was one at the Petronas petrol station in Taman Tun. Which now actually accommodates a fast food restaurant, a sandwich shop, a laundry shop and the post office. Complete with basement parking. No wonder they were closed for nearly a year for renovation work.

While I was queuing up to get my order, the lady behind me was discussing about her pet and showing some cat pictures that she had in her handphone to her friend. I looked at them and smiled, hoping to be included in the conversation as well, as I was really curious to see how her cat looked like. Then we started chatting (it was a long queue). I told her one of my cat's name was Tina.

-Saya ada banyak kucing. Satu tu nama dia Tina.
-Waaa...like my cat one..tapi dia punya nama ada sikit lain. Tifa.
-Owh. Macam nama perempuan jugak.
-Ya ka. No laaa. English name wor.
-Ohhh...like Tiffany?
-No no. Like Tifa la. You know Mariah? Whitney? Tifa? Tifa?

*Yati shows a blank face*

-Haiya. You got Tancing Queen. You got Tama Queen. So you got Tifa oso la.

Tancing and Tifa. The perfect combo. but if got Tama ha, a bit tifficur wor.

Tip: Replace the "t" with a "d" and the "f" with a "v".

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  1. hahaha.. puas pikir.. tifa.. bila last skali tu yg tancing and tifa tu barulah boleh tangkap..

  2. adoiiii... alih bahasa please.... tak paham!!!!

  3. heheheh...just replace the "t" with the "d" and "f" with the "v"...can you imagine how I felt? lagi blur! :D

  4. haha... macamana i boleh tak paham, Tama Queen pulak when I am one?

  5. oh.....hehehe.....pelat ke.... :)

  6. iamwhoiam: we are all Tama Queens in one way or another :)

    kak ani: pelat yang teramat :D

  7. ...as a certain blogger would say... "oh my zod..!!"