Monday, March 21, 2011


Last night I dreamed that I entered into this room in a building I've never been to before. The moment I entered the room, everything went dark and I couldn't see a thing. I started to panic and quickly left the room and ran back to my bedroom. Then I realized that it was all a dream and found my way back out of that place. I could hear myself thinking, "Oh Yati tadi masa tiba-tiba gelap tak nampak apa-apa tu mimpi ngeri je. Rilek la." And felt relieved that I had woken up.

Then I heard the alarm of my hand phone beeping and woke up. At that moment I realized that in my dream, I realized that I had been dreaming and thought I had snapped out of it, when in reality I was still sleeping.

Jika kita kupas dan kupas dan kupas lagi, agak-agaknya how many layers of the human psyche can we find?

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