Friday, March 4, 2011

Flick Fishing

The other day my niece wanted to play Flick Fishing on my iPhone. So I tapped on the games icon to start the game for her. When she started playing, there was no sound. Which was not a normal thing to happen since usually when you cast the line "virtually" you can actually hear the sound of the reel.

Jadi Mak Long pun mulalah menggodek-godek telefon bimbit yang sungguh canggih-manggih sampai tak terkeluar pun apa-apa bunyi. Switch off. Switch on. Go to Settings. Bega-bega volume. Vibrate on. Vibrate off. Delete game Flick Fishing tersebut dan download kembali dari App Store. Nasib baik free.

But to no avail. So the last resort was to call the DIGI centre to inform them of my predicament. And perhaps get a new iPhone to replace this faulty one. (yeah right)

Throughout the whole process Aina just observed me. And then before I could call the helpline, she put up her hand and said, "Mak Long I think you need to switch off the mute button."

Err. Oh.

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