Thursday, May 12, 2011

Baking show on TV

Last night I arrived home late after one hour of combat martial arts followed by a light dinner with girlfriends. After taking a nice cool shower I switched on the telly to wind down a bit, sambil memakan aiskrim Magnum Classic yang sungguh lazat.

There was this interesting cooking programme on Astro. The chef was showing how to bake a meringue. Or Bomb Alaska. I think. I was trying to jot down the ingredients and at the same time watch her do all the baking steps and try to hold on to my ice-cream.

And at the part where the chef said, "Now please be careful here when you bla bla bla..." and I was heavily concentrating to not miss any crucial part (with my ice-cream stick in mid-air) my big orange cat dengan sungguh selambanya berjalan di hadapan skrin televisyen, berhenti di tengah-tengah, mengiau beberapa ketika, dan meneruskan perjalanan untuk pergi baring betul-betul di sebelah kanan televisyen.

And thus ended my interrupted baking lesson.

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