Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Yesterday I went to do some grocery shopping at a hypermarket in Kelana Jaya. While I was at the check-out counter busy loading my things into the trolley, I noticed a group of youngsters waiting around me, each holding either a product sample or vouchers. And true enough the moment I had paid the cashier and was walking slowly towards the escalator, the three of them crowded around me with something to offer.

-Kak, ambik je kak sampel ni, free je, takyah bayor.
-Akak ni tinggi macam model la...akak ambik je voucher ni...
-Akak tak nak tau ke ini sampel apa?

Then I stopped and looked at them.

One of the young men looked back at me and made a remark.

-Alamak. Akak ni dah buat muka Ada Aku Kesah la.
-Takpe la kak. Kitaorang gi cari akak lain.

And I went back home.

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