Thursday, June 9, 2011

New words

My 8 year old niece likes to talk. She is the motormouth in the family. She can just yak and yak and yak. She is in love with the sound of her voice. She will talk, yell, sing and act out little stories and mini dramas either alone or with the help of her little toy friends. And when she 's in her own fantasy world, she will cook up all sorts of funny words that she sometimes uses on me.

Like for example:
When she's playing Flick Fishing on my iPhone, she would say, "Don't worry Mak Long, I will try and get you a nice badoody fish!"

I am guessing a badoody fish is a big deep sea fish that she can catch while playing Flick Fishing that can give me lots of money and score me many points and make me rich fast.

So since her Mak Long selalu bercita-cita nak kahwin lelaki kaya, can she say that she wants to marry a badoody guy?

Here's another one:
Sometimes she would talk about her future big girl plans.
"Mak Long when I grow up I want to be a teacher like you. You know everything. You're so ultrananic!"

Hmmm...I can't really put my finger on the meaning of this new word. Ultrananic? What? Highly intelligent? Smart Alec? Loyar buruk?

Or Super Nenek?


  1. I like the last guess.. hehehe.. =P

  2. i'd say...ultra from ultraman meaning tall, strong n heroic....the na part maybey from d word nana as for a girl...and nic from super sonic booum sound/voice of a lacturer???? or titanic...meaning gigantic and imposing...??

  3. dewee: Nampak sangat hang ni cikgu bahasa! :-)))