Monday, July 4, 2011


Yesterday I was hanging out with my niece in my parents' bedroom when she said that she had a little show for me. So she took the bolster and put it in the middle of the bed. And then took the radio remote control, pretended it was a giant match, struck it against her thigh, and then looked at me.

-Mak Long cover your ears. I'm going to light this cannon. There's going to be a loud explosion!

So we both covered our ears as she lit the cannon (reben pengikat sarung bantal peluk berfungsi sebagai sumbu) and there was a loud BOOM! Mak Long pun terpaksa menyumbangkan suara untuk bunyi letupan tersebut) and she threw a small ball to the floor.

I had to laugh because she was really in her element and beriya berlakon.

-Did you like it Mak Long?
-Yeah. I think it was a fun show :-)

Then she came up with her ciplak tagline: "Cannonball. Delighting you always."

And it was Mak Long's turn to fall off the bed in astonishment.


  1. kids..they never failed to amuse us ;)

  2. ahhh... dia memang loyar buruk sama macam maklong dia, confirm!! i like her....

  3. CheQpora: Ada je kan ide-idenya tu :-)

    Madam liza1907: But she is twice the loyar buruk than her Mak Long one :-)