Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nasib baik...

During my French class I would always try to include either games, movie watching or songs to have a bit of fun. This week I decided to let them listen to a French song that was very famous in the 90s. Before we listened to the song, I gave my students a brief description of the song and of the singer. And told them that the song came out in 1992.

Then one of them exclaimed:
"Waaaa masa tu madame dah kat France ke?"
"Yes. I was doing my diploma at that time."

Then another one said to me:
"Owhhh...Tapi kan madame selalunya macam tu. Kalau cikgu atau pensyarah tu mesti nampak muda je walaupun dah...dah...ermm..."
"Walaupun dah apa?"
"Walaupun dah banyak tahun mengajar madame!"
"Oh. Ok"

As I turned to the board to write some words, from the corner of my eye, I could see the boy mengurut-urut dada. And turn to his friend and whisper:

"Fuh. Nasib baik aku sempat cover. Aku nak kata tua tadi. Nasib baik..."



  1. I totally can relate this with myself. I am sooo going to get such remarks soon! LOL

  2. And you will definitely enjoy the rewarding experience, let me assure you! :)