Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A little poem for you my students

Yati the Paranoid Teacher

I am Yati the Paranoid Teacher
Who's always the tallest one ever
Students look at me
Their eyes fill with glee
And ask "Oh Madame! How's the weather?"

They come to me when I say shoo!
To speak a word of French or two
They greet me "Bonjour!"
"Madame how are you?"
"Are you taller than the ostrich in the zoo?"

The naughty intent in the greeting
Got me lil mushy brains a-thinking
Their stomach will curl
Into a knot as they hurl,
"Madame! Spit out the one you are eating!"

Heheheh no laaaa...you know I love all of you...my students are my constant source of amusement and wonder!

Anyway Happy Teacher's Day to all you educators out there!