Monday, June 18, 2012

Perbualan kajicuaca yang tak berapa dikaji

Last weekend we visited some relatives for lunch. After the meal we stayed at the table to catch up with family goings-on (read: gossip). My mom chatted with our host.

-Tak lama lepaih tu dia masuk hospital. Lama jugak. Kena sakit terbit bulan.
-Sakit apa tu?
-Alaa sakit terbit bulan tu la. Yang isi terkeluaq tu.
-Terbit bulan ke bulan mengambang?
-Tak tak. Ala sakit orang lelaki selalu dapat tu.
(I was there at the table but didn't say a word because I was completely clueless)
-Oh tau tau sakit angin ribut.
-Ni ha pasang surut!!!
-Oh. Habaq la awai-awai!

They were actually talking about hernia. Sebelum dapat nama yang betul habis semua fenomena metorologik dikeluarkan mereka.

Which, by the way, is called angin pasang-pasang in Malay. That's what a friend told me.