Monday, February 25, 2013

Student absent memang power!

The other day in class I was filling in the attendance form and looked around to see if everyone was present. I noticed that some of them were not around. But couldn't really pinpoint who. So I asked the students.

-Who is absent today?
-X madame! (nama sebenar dirahsiakan)
-Ohhh...ok I cannot recall which does he look like?
-Alaaaa madame...yang bapak dia power tuuu...

Bapak dia power? Apa kena-mengena dengan aku?

-Ok what's his full name?
-Heheheh madame kan kitaorang dah cakap...bapak dia powerrrr...
-Hei kamu jangan main-main dengan nama bapak orang. Kena panah petir nanti tau.
-Ye la madame. We are telling you the truth la madame.

I looked at the student namelist. Nama bapa pelajar tersebut Pawa rupanya.

OK my bad.

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