Friday, November 21, 2014


This morning in class we were discussing about birthdays. And how to wish happy birthday in French. Then we did a little revision on days and months in French.

Then one student started asking about the Zodiac.

-Madame...madame lahir bila ek?
-Je suis née le 5 mai.
-Ohh bulan Mei. That's Taurus kan Madame?

Another student mencelah.
-Madame how to say Taurus in French?
-Orait ah. Toro toro toro.

Then I asked him what his zodiac sign was. need tell la madame...shy la...
-It's ok. Just say it. And I will translate it into French for you.

-Errr...Saya virgin madame.
-Yes madame.

Then a few other students gave me the affirmation I needed.

-Kami pun virgin jugak.

Oh. Such naivety in thought and behaviour. I have a class full of angels.


They actually wanted to tell me that their zodiac sign was Virgo.

I bet they thought Libra was a double push-up brand.

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