Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cikgu Leong Ley Ley

Dulu saya bersekolah di Kg Congo. Walaupun terletak di benua Afrika, namun kawasan persekitaran di dalam sekolah berasrama tersebut sungguh orang putih. Kami ada tangga Bradley. Kami ada padang Wembley.

But that's not the story. That was just for introduction. Walau bagaimanapun apa yang saya tulis di atas itu semuanya benar belaka.

When I was in secondary school I had this Math teacher whose name was cikgu Leong Ley Ley. He was a dedicated teacher. He was never late to class. He made sure the syllabus was well-covered. He insisted that we did all the Math exercises given to us. There were nearly 30 of us in class. The girls tried their best to focus and understand. Most of the boys didn't seem to care much.

Another thing that I would like to mention here is that Mr Leong was also a very courteous person. Each time he wanted to emphasize on an important point, he would clear his throat, look at every one of us boys and girls to get our full attention (and to show that he has switched to his very serious mode) and start his sentence with, "Pelajar-pelajar yang dihormati sekelian...". Always very polite.

Except that his Bahasa Melayu was very heavily Chinese-accented. So what we heard was, "Pelacur-pelacur yang dihormati sekelian...". Serius saya tak tipu.

The first time we heard him saying this, the boys looked down, shoulders shaking, trying to hide their laughter. The girls tried to ''maintain ayu''.

And me, in my little perverted teenage mind, I said to myself, ''Owh...dalam dunia ni ada man whore jugak rupanya...''

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  1. hahahahhaahah ooooh tiba2 wajah mr leong tergambar dalam ingatan!!!!

  2. dddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyydddddddddddddxxxxxxxxx pehsamaan dengan kosonggggg... ,- Mr Leong Leleh. Ha ha.

  3. majorbabe: jangan lupa spek empat seginya.

    bang naga: bak kata mr neo cikgu fizik, "awak mesti hafal kenima-nima formula itu"! :D