Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rina the Red Lobster

Rina is a lobster who once lived happily with her parents. Then one day while playing hide-and-seek at the muddy bottom of the river, a huge current swept her away from her family. Luckily there was an old man who was kind enough to rescue her. He took her to a new home. She had to travel a long time by boat. But Rina loves it so much there. The water is clear, the seaweeds aplenty and she can play with her new friends.


Hi guys! Long time no see. What's up?
Hey Rina! My oh my your shell is so red! said the tiger prawn. I look so tiny beside you now.
Hello Rina. Goodness me. Just look at your claws. They are so much bigger than mine! said the blue crab.

Don't you just love it here? The water is always clean. We never run out of food. No nasty sharks. There's nothing to be worried about. Look how much I've grown!

Nothing to be worried about. Nothing to be worried about.


Mommy Mommy! Look at this bright red one in the aquarium! Can we have lobster for dinner instead of crab?
Sure sweetie. Let me ask the waiter. Excuse me? We've changed our minds. Can we have the lobster instead?
Can....Can...of course can....good size...good size. What style you want Ma'am? Butter? Sweet and sour? Chili? Semua boleeeehh...

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  1. Tak silap aku live-lobster usually kaler blue, grey, brownish.. dah masak baru red! But d storyline is cute! I like!

  2. Engko ni kan.....twisted betul. What a twisted ending to the story but definitely an interesting read! :) Start compiling your stories NOW! Write a book! Write a BOOK!

  3. HA HA. Good one.