Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hari ini ada kelas pagi

Today I woke up with a heavy head. And with this fuzziness inside my mind. Almost as if I had nothing but cotton in the place of brains. I sat on my bed for awhile, trying to figure out the time of day (and what day it was). Then I remembered, "Oh, hari ni ada kelas pagi."

For breakfast I had one chicken sausage and two slices of bread. I took out the butter from the fridge and grabbed the bottle of tomato sauce from the kitchen cabinet counter (saya tak makan pedas). The bread tasted like cardboard. The sausage was chewy. Nescafe panas je OK dan tidak pernah menghampakan. I cleared my plate and took the dishes to the sink and put away the butter and the ketchup. As I was looking for my keys to leave the house, a thought sneaked through my blurry mind, "Uh-oh. I think I might have put the butter in the sink as well."

Then just now, when I reached my workplace, I took out my staff card from the glove compartment of the car and clocked in. But the machine just wouldn't beep. Second try. Nothing. Third try. Still no beep. "Hmmm...asyik rosak je mesin ni sejak akhir-akhir ni. Maybe it needs a lightning surge protector or something."

Someone knocked at the car window, at the passenger seat.
"Kak, kat mesin tu kena guna kad ID staff. Kad Touch n Go guna kat toll." the security guard told me.

And all I could think was "Oh, hari ni ada kelas pagi."

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  1. hahaha.. this entry made my day la yati.. tension pagi ni, tp bila baca bab kad tounch n go tu, terus gelak sorg2.. hahaha.. nice one..


  2. yati - fantastic read as it well written from the fuzziness of your morning brain, consoling as i know there are others out there like mua!

  3. attiesya: INTAN! Finally you reveal yourself! :)

    nesa: hi girl! can't wait for tomorrow ngeh neh ngeh :)

  4. Yati, this has not beaten your record. Remember that time you used your staff card at the toll & your Touch & Go at MFI's autogate?

  5. Joanne: ...and once I even used my Jusco card at the CIMB ATM :D