Thursday, January 21, 2010

I want to swear but I promised not to.

This morning I had breakfast with a few male colleagues. We were sitting together at a table when this person approached us to greet everyone. Except me. Because he doesn't want to look at me in the eye. Dia seorang yang alim. He cannot even acknowledge my presence.

Then a few hours after that I met a group of lecturers to discuss something. This person was also there. So all of us chatted amicably and as usual they would tease me about my marital status and ask me when they can finally makan nasi minyak. And as usual I would always give the customary crap excuse of either a) Anuar Zain tidak membalas cinta saya or b) saya terlalu tinggi untuk semua jejaka-jejaka Malaysia. And suddenly this person who didn't even want to look at me during breakfast said to me, "Alah, kalau kita dah berbaring sama tu, apa kisahnya. Dalam bilik tidur lain cerita."

Eh, tadi nak tengok atau bagi salam pada saya pun tak nak sebab saya seorang perempuan. But now you give me this kind of lewd joke?

Dude, the only time I will berbaring sama with you is when by stroke of misfortune, our lot tanah perkuburan is side by side.

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  1. .....what a sense of "humour" he has! Alim my a**!

  2. Jo: nasib baik la dia tu one of the very few. most of my male colleagues are nice guys:)